It is not raining men in my life

I have to say that it is not exactly raining men in my life at the moment. Since moving out to Kings Cross, and joining Kings Cross escorts, I seem to have fallen out of my social circle. I am no longer in touch with all of my friends in central London, and will admit to feeling the odd one out. I had not expected to feel like that but I do feel a bit blue and lonely at times.


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Yes, I have met some really nice gents at Kings Cross escorts, but there are still days when I am not so sure that I have done the right thing at all. At first I as just glad to be away from the hustle and bustle of London, but now I am beginning to think that my life is a bit too quiet for me. I was used to going out almost every night and I have to admit that I miss that part of my life. Sure you can go to the local pub but it is still not the same thing.


Another thing that I miss is shopping. It is not that hard to get into central London but it does take a lot of time. Where I lived in Mayfair, I was just a stone’s throw away from some of the best shopping in London. The other day before I went into Kings Cross escorts, I stood there and looked at my wardrobe and felt that it needed up dating. Going shopping now would mean taking a day off from the escort agency. When I lived in central London, I could just go shopping anytime so I do miss that.


It may seem weird to you, but I do miss all of the London parks. I loved to walk in the park. Here we are surrounded by a lot of countryside but I have to admit that I feel lost in it. I was trying to explain the feeling to one of the gents that I date at Kings Cross escorts, and he seemed to get it. He said that the countryside is less organized than the parks. In my opinion he hit the nail right on the head.


But, I have done well for myself at Kings Cross escorts so far, and I am building up a nice dating diary. For some reason it seems to be easier to do so here in Kings Cross. The thing is that central London is packed with escorts and to build up a dating diary, you have to work hard. Here in Kings Cross, there are certainly less escorts and starting from scratch has not been that hard at all. I was expecting things to be a lot harder, but I am glad that I am doing well. The only thing is that you may have moved the girl from London, but have you taken London out of the girl? I am not so sure about that, and one day, I may just move back to London.